15 September 2011

hold on to your muesli!

Though I'm sure many of us are trying to hold on to what's left of summer (I'm personally holding on for dear life), it's hard not to start thinking about the autumn and winter ahead. So for those of you who still have the museli recipe I posted back in March bookmarked but haven't made it yet, I wanted to give you a little nudge and show you how yummy it looks once it's all cooked up.

And even if you aren't into hot cereals, or it's not going to be cool where you are for a good while (hello, Texas!), you can make the no-cook version anytime by mixing the muesli up with almond milk (or other milk of your choosing) or yogurt.

Do yourself a favor and make a big batch of this-- it lasts for months and come that first really cold morning, you'll be glad you have it around.

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