11 April 2011

product placement: cayuga organics jacob's cattle beans

Full disclosure? I hadn't gotten these particular beans before, but have had a greenmarket crush on Cayuga Pure Organics since they first started appearing at the Union Square market I think early last year or later on in 2009. I have bought some black turtle beans and a few flours from them, but I've really been crushing on some of their more unique heirloom beans. So even though I've been scrimping lately, I finally splurged because my dry bean selection at home was getting low, and I found a $20 bill in my pocket on market day!

These cattle beans were hard to resist-- I mean, just look at them! Who wouldn't want to eat a bean that pretty? They almost tripled in size-- I love big beans and I cannot lie-- and had a soft and rich texture that I adore. I just cooked them with a little salt, and even though I did overcook them slightly, they didn't fall apart and held up nicely in every application I put them through during the week (salads, warm bean and veggie mixes, etc.).

Cayuga Pure Organics is based in Ithaca, NY and grows and sells farmer milled grains and flours, dry beans, and some delicious, hearty bread at greenmarkets throughout NYC and a few stores around the city in addition to growing organic feed for upstate livestock. Next CPO purchase? The beautiful orca or calypso beans, if they're still around!

Cayuga Pure Organics Website
Note: I did not receive any compensation or product from Cayuga Pure Organics for this review.

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