23 March 2011

video awesome: julia child makes an omelette: "how about dinner in half a minute?"

I watched this video a week or so ago as part of a post on Saveur.com about mesmerizing food videos. While I might not call this video "mesmerizing", it did inspire me enough to try it out, even though I am traditionally not a huge fan of French omelettes (or omelettes in general for that matter). I made myself a Julia-inspired omelette to go along with some leftover salad for a quick supper the other night and it totally worked! The key of course, in addition to the non-stick pan, is the fat. Plenty of fat. I used a tablespoon of coconut oil instead of the butter. My pan wasn't hot enough to begin with, I think, so it took more like 1 and a half minutes to cook, but that was my bad. The result was delicious soft, soft eggs lightly scented of coconut (eggs and coconut oil are a seemingly unlikely pair, but they go together gorgeously). Fresh, farm eggs are best and the fat of choice is again key here-- butter, coconut oil, or another full flavored fat will add a lot of dimension to this simple dish, so don't hold back too much!

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