21 March 2011

product placement: rapunzel vegetable bouillon

I don't really recall how I found this. I can just seem myself in the soup/stock section of Whole Foods, on my tip-toes reaching for a box of this to look at the label and see what it's all about and being pleased with the ingredient list, tossing it in the cart.

However it wound up in my hands, I am grateful because Rapunzel Vegetable Bouillon is a soup-saver. Or, maybe more appropriately, a soup-maker-- especially the Sea Salt and Herbs flavor, which is my favorite 'cause it's pretty rockin'. As if out of one of those cheesy infomercials I love, this stuff turns a few random vegetables into a pretty impressive bowl of delish.

Similar in concept to, but much better than, your average greasy, bright yellow bouillon cube, their cubes are not overly oily, and have a nice, well-rounded mellow flavor-- which is not what I get out of vegetable stock in a box. Not to mention that I don't love the idea of buying stock in a box or can-- all of that weight had to be shipped from somewhere, and if I can't just get a little bit if that's all I need. Bouillon cubes don't go bad, don't splash all over your shirt, and don't weigh down your bag you have to schlep home on the subway. Plus, you can cut them if you need to, and they take up so little space-- very important in a New York kitchen.

I usually use half of what is recommended on the box, as I just want it to add some depth to my broth. But sometimes, when I'm feeling crazy, I mix one of the herbed ones with one of the plain or unsalted ones. Wild, I know. If you want to see how bold I really am, check out the recipe I'm posting tomorrow for Very Veggie Soup. Very Veggie.

Note: I did not receive any compensation or product from Rapunzel for this review.

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