02 March 2011

less than 15 minutes of fame: sighted on top chef and recipes on the internet

Michelle and I at the first dish-- our favorite one. Magical sauce and pecan beer! Photo by Shannon K.
Late last summer my friend Michelle invited me to join her and two other friends at a taping of very popular chef competition show. Signed into utter secrecy, I'm glad to finally be able to tell you all I WAS ON TOP CHEF! But not in that way. The episode aired last week and we spied ourselves several times, pausing the DVR to critique our on-camera appearance and trying to remember what everything tasted like. (For the record, the guy who won that challenge, his dish was our second or third favorite which Michelle mostly accounts to his cheating by use of pulled pork-- because pulled pork is always good, and thus is an unfair advantage.)

One of the funniest things about this whole experience was how clueless I am about everything Top Chef related. I knew who the judges were (except for this guy), but if any of the contestants were familiar it's only because I've seen their faces staring at me with cocky grins from ads on subway platforms and phone booths. It's probably a good thing Anthony Bourdain wasn't there this time though, the whole "don't stare at the judges" direction we were given from the crew beforehand might not have worked for me.

So, now I've been on a reality TV show. I officially have done my 21st century duty.

Also in other news, a few recipes of mine were featured in a recent article on SecondAct.com in a post about healthy Oscar party snack options. Hope they helped a few people stay fueled through that many-hour show that I didn't personally have the patience to sit through.

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