07 March 2011

product placement: rishi earl grey rooibos

Like so many things, I was first introduced to hot tea as a enjoyable beverage during college by a friend from Ohio during a service trip to chilly North Carolina. And until I met the man in my life, I was pretty committed to fruity herbal teas/tisanes and was convinced I didn't like black tea. I also liked the fruity teas because they didn't require any sweetener or milk, and I reveled in the purity of it all. But being from England, he knows a thing or two about tea and expanded my mind and tea palate a teaspoon of tea leaves at a time, and the first time I tried some proper Earl Grey I was smitten. (With both him and the tea).

Unfortunately, or mostly fortunately as I see it, my body and caffeine don't get along too well, so I limit my black tea intake to a couple of times a month, and even decaf black tea gets me a little jittery so I try not to depend on it. And then we found Rishi's Organic Earl Grey Rooibos. It has all of the lovely bergamot and citrusy flavors I love with regular Earl Grey coupled with high quality slightly sweet and woodsy rooibos. When I open the can of loose tea and take a whiff, I think I get that same excitement that coffee-addicts get when they sniff their coffee grounds and know it will be just a few minutes before they get to imbibe the delicious, soul-warming cup. The rooibos steeps to a beautiful dark amber and goes beautifully with a splash almond milk and a spot of honey or agave. It's the favorite start to my mornings.

Rishi Tea Website

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you love our tea! If you liked that tea I recommend trying a few of our other rooibos blends as well as some of our caffeine free botanical blends. And if you have any questions give us a shout inquiries@rishi-tea.com

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