28 February 2011

product placement: pro bars

I feel naked if I leave the house without a snack in my bag. I mean, you never know when your the train might "pause" for 30 minutes underground or your errands will take hours longer than you anticipate, or the only thing between you and rage or fainting is a quick bite to eat. So, anyone who knows me knows I can usually be trusted to have a little something-- usually nuts or fruit-- in my bag, "just in case". The easiest go-to for most is usually some sort of individually wrapped bar, as it has been for me, but I have a disdain for most granola and energy bars as being candy bars disguised as something healthy and they are most often overly full of sugar, lacking in much sating protein, or packed with isolated proteins or protein powder. I just want whole, real foods!

The Probar has single-handedly saved the world of granola and energy bars from my mental banishment. Hearty enough to be an emergency meal replacement, I will also eat half of one for an afternoon snack. The bars come in several flavors, but of those that I've tried, I've narrowed my top favorites to the Art's Original and Superfood Slam. What I love about these is that they are almost entirely organic, most of their sugar comes in the form of brown rice syrup and dried fruit, they have nice sized chunks of nuts, chocolate chips, and fruit, which makes for a really pleasant and varied texture experience

At just over $3 a pop, they are on the pricey side, so they are more of a special treat. Though I did once get a box of 12 on a great deal on Amazon , which I just might have to do again, come to think of it. 

ProBar Website
Note: I did not receive any compensation, product, or recognition from ProBar for this review.

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