07 February 2011

product placement: organic valley pasture butter

So, like many Americans perhaps, I didn't really know the goodness of butter until I was an adult. Growing up "butter" was a big tub of margarine in the fridge, and hey, I didn't know any better. When I was 22 and in cooking school, I had my first real focused taste of butter and a little light-bulb-of-obvious lit up over my head and I thought, "Wow! Butter is delicious!" I went a little trigger-happy with butter for a bit, but have since settled into olive oil and coconut oil for my everyday needs. Every once in awhile I get the craving for butter and I usually keep some around just-in-case.

Attracted to it's "specialness" (it comes in beautiful half pound slabs, as opposed to sticks) and it's production from seasonal milk (May-September), but unsure if it could beat out my love of Kate's Homemade Butter (still a favorite), I whipped out my $1-off Organic Valley coupon and took it home...

AMAZEBALLS!  (to borrow my friend Michelle's expression)
If butter could kick ass, this Organic Valley Pasture Butter surely would. It's all you want from good butter-- deep golden yellow, smooth and creamy, sweet, and very buttery tasting. If all you've been consuming is Hotel Bar butter or some other "butter" you're really missing out. Missing big. Slather some of this stuff on your morning toast and find yourself at a loss for words. Plus I love that Organic Valley is cooperatively owned and operated.

This is what simple food is all about-- you don't have to get all fancy with your ingredients and recipes, just get the best ingredients you can access and afford. If everything you consume is individually great, the rest comes together very easily.

Photo from Organic Valley

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