21 February 2011

product placement: clean well hand sanitizer

In New York, you'd be hard pressed to find a person that doesn't regularly carry around some form of hand sanitizer. I've lived here for awhile, and I don't get too caught up with sanitizing too often (I just avoid having to touch too many things, like subway poles and door handles) because I heartily believe in some germs being good for you. Our society is over-concerned with being sterile, but I just suck it up, wash my hands regularly, and know that I will probably get sick once a year despite my best efforts.

That being said, there is a good time and place for hand sanitizer, but with all of the hand and dish washing I do just from work, my skin can't take too much more of a beating from the alcohol in most standard hand gels and sprays-- not to mention the nose-burning smell. I'd tried a couple of more "natural" ones, most of which were overly oderized for my likes (lavender is nice, but I want my hands to smell clean or like nothing). In comes CleanWell Hand Sanitizer.

This stuff rocks my world. It is a light, non-toxic, alcohol-free spray that smells like herbs, which is perfect for a chef, if you ask me. I get excited for my hands to smell like thyme and it totally doesn't dry my hands out. Not to mention that because of the cap I don't have to worry about leaking all over my bag (and I've experienced unfortunate alcohol-based sanitizer gel spills-- it may evaporate quickly, but everything smells awful for awhile).

They also make Hand Wipes, soap, and have an additional Orange Vanilla scent.

Clean Well Website

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