28 January 2011

review: lasagna cupcake at intelligentsia pasadena

Right before the winter holidays I went to Pasadena to visit my brother, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin. My brother, the big coffee aficionado he is, was looking for the opportunity to take me his favorite long-anticipated coffee spot-- Intelligentsia Pasadena. He goes there regularly enough for the baristas to know him and treat him to coffee regularly, and while I like the occasional cup, I was more excited to go when he told me they had lasagna cupcakes.

IMG_7197What the what? Lasagna cupcakes! One of the signatures of catering company Heirloom LA, this is lasagna's spin on "personal pan pizza". I also love the mind-trick of wondering if it's going to be lasagna flavored cake or what.

We ordered the the vegetarian lasagna (I can't quite recall, I think it was a pretty straightforward tomato, ricotta, mozzarella, etc. version) and I was excited by the cute little salad on top. The perfect size if sharing as a snack, I was a little disappointed in the end. It wasn't hot enough, and the flavor itself wasn't amazing, but I loved it as a concept and would be curious to try another flavor one day. I think it would be a fun idea to make these for a party, as it has a more elegant appearance than pan lasagna, is a little less messy, and just something a bit different-- not to mention that it would be really easy to make separate veg and non-veg versions!

IMG_7195I got a decaf coffee as well and was impressed by the beautiful service. The space itself was really great, with a bar in the back featuring local micro-brews and wines-- many of which were specifically created for Intelligentsia. Also impressed by the dapperness of the staff-- their dress code obviously has some sort of implications that require a nice, but unique appearance that had seeming required accessories of vests, ties, and/or suspenders. They all looked amazing, I was only surprised that none of them were wearing big glasses. Maybe that's just a New York thing.

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Consumed Hands said...

Aja, im glad to see you back blogging this year...and with such a fantastic post i might add. Maybe im biased but Intelli is deff my go to spot. agreeably the lasagna cupcakes are much better in concept than in delivery and for that alone my taste buds are intrigued to dine on more. Intelli should have a whole post on their own as a business model..direct trade bean policy, micro roasting, locally sourced, organic, pastries supplied by Non Profit organization HOMEBOY, kick ass style, oh and coffee that will make you regret even thinking about calling what they serve at bucks "coffee"

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