31 January 2011

product placement: bioitalia organic butter beans

This happy discovery was made sometime late last spring and they quickly became a must-have item. Unlike so many canned beans, these were perfectly cooked and tender, delightfully huge and plump, and well, kind of buttery. Guess they're not calling them butter beans for nothing.

I was picking up a can of them nearly every week and mostly throwing them in salads with glee. One day they were out of stock. I'd only ever seen this brand and Whole Foods, and so I just waited patiently for new product. Weeks went by. The other canned beans by this company were stocked, and I even tried a few of them--- good, but where are you butter beans?

As often happens to me and my favorite products, I figured that these weren't popular enough and they stopped carrying them, and even though I continued looking out for the luscious butter beans, trying another organic canned brand (not at all satisfactory), and working up a plan to see if they would order me some and I'd buy a case of 12 or something. (Yes, I like them enough to haul 15 pounds of them home).

Typically, I got distracted and never ordered the case, but still never let my hopes down. And what do you know-- my love is not for naught! On a recent grocery trip, I glanced down at the Bioitalia bean section and lo and behold! BUTTER BEANS! I bought two, for now. My day was made.

Stay tuned later this week for a quick recipe using these beans.

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