16 January 2011

facebook resolutions: eat more greens, part ii

In continuation with Mission: Eat More Greens, here are some ideas...

The no-cook dinner
Salad has long been my favorite food and I will make a huge bowl of salad with 1 head of lettuce and/or other baby greens and top it with whatever other veggies, herbs, nuts, seeds, and beans I have on hand and am in the mood for. I splash on some olive oil and lemon juice and a generous sprinkle of sea salt and pepper and I'm good to go! I like all the different textures, and how those textures change as the salad sits (if I can, I dress my salad and let it sit for 10 minutes before I eat it). I love all of the chewing-- it's very, I don't know, cathartic or something. It's pleasing to spend time sitting and chewing and taking my time with dinner. A big salad forces me to eat a bit more slowly, all that chewing and that big, huge bowl usually equates to at least 30 minutes of quality supper time.

A few sauteed combos to try
Whole Wheat Rigatoni with Kale & Tomatoes
These are a few of my go-to greens combos that I sautee in a little olive or coconut oil. I usually have most of the "extras" around or they can be easily substituted. Having a few of these in my arsenal makes a quick turnaround with dinner less stressful-- especially if I've already got them cleaned and chopped.
- kale + canned diced tomatoes + white beans = a great side or a topping for pasta or polenta
- swiss chard + raisins + walnuts + chili flakes = sweet and spicy side
- spinach + shredded coconut + curry powder = add to some chickpeas and rice and you've got dinner
- quartered brussels sprouts + diced carrot + sunflower seeds = add some brown rice for an easy lunch

Brunch-worthy weekday breakfast
One of my favorite easy "real" breakfasts goes like this. I heat my 12" non-stick pan on medium high with a drizzle with olive oil and chili flakes, toss in a generous amount of my chopped up greens (usually about 2-3 cups raw kale, chard, or spinach) on one half of the pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper and stir to mix. On the other side I crack an egg or two and maybe some leftover cooked grain from the fridge (brown rice or quinoa, typically), add a splash of water, turn the heat down to medium low, cover the pan and let my breakfast steam cook for 5-7 minutes-- about the time it takes me to put dishes away and make my tea. When it's done, I can pretty much slide the whole thing onto a plate without too much fuss.

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