30 December 2010

A New Year's Resolution?

Dear Internet,

Lest an actual entire year goes by without me posting a single thing on this blog, I'd like to give myself a chance to revive stem+leaf with some much needed CPR. Sure, it's easy for me to say now, while I have a bunch of free time, it's cold out, and I'm feeling hermit-ish, but I think I can, I think I can.

I'll be honest with you-- one of the reasons I have a hard time keeping up with blogging is that I don't really like spending that much time on the computer ::gasp!::, which is not to say that I don't spend time on the computer, but I prefer to just do what I need to do and then return less technologically dependent tasks. However, in the spirit of rebirth in the new year, I'd like to rethink how stem+leaf is going to look, going to operate. Maybe it will be a little more personal, have less direct recipes and more photos of delicious things I made and what's in them, and who knows what else-- after all, if I'm not engaged about the subjects, why should any of you be? At it's core it's still going to be rooted in sustainability, going green, and being healthy-- but there's a big wide world out there that all of those things can live in. Let's explore!

Things I'm really passionate about learning about and acting on right now are:
- Fresh and Healthy Food Access / Food Deserts
- Anti-Hunger Advocacy
- Honeybees
- Recommitting myself to Vegetarianism
- Finding Love in the Kitchen Again

This past year, though very good and successful on paper was a challenge for me in many ways. I worked on a farm, did my first big solo catering gig, travelled to coastal Maine for work, I took care of some of my own digestive health issues, I saw the success and experienced the challenges of several of my projects (food and non-food related), I went on an amazing vacation to Asia, saw every member of my immediate family at least once, and I worked A LOT.

For now though, all I can say is that my staycation is treating me right. Sure, we got a lot of snow dumped on us, but I don't really mind, it quiets down the city and makes us more playful. Coming up I am planning to incorporate more new adventures into my life-- camping, hiking, windsurfing, Thai boxing, volunteering, writing, photographing, learning Italian-- and feel excited and energized by living. So, I'm looking forward to 2011-- could be pretty awesome.

Thanks for always being there,

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