10 January 2010

restaurant review: saltie!

I (finally) went to Saltie the other day-- a newish sandwich shop and bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and much, much delicious happiness ensued. With a regular menu bespotted with sea-themed sandwiches and treats ("The Captain's Daughter", "Ships Biscuit", and salty caramel ice cream sandwiches), and a specials menu with soups, salads, and English-inspired goodies (Pork Pie and Chick a Leek) both meaties and veggies can eat in perfect harmony.

I got the Scuttlebutt. No, no, it's not a disorder, it's this... Soft foccacia with roasted winter squash, beets, feta, boiled egg, cucumber, olives, capers, and greens, and a garlicky aioli. A very messy thing to eat but it made me all kinds of happy. It is hard to find a unique and tasty sandwich, and as the BFF behind Sandwich Friend, I do know this.

My dining companion had the Curry Rabbit-- a take on Welsh Rarebit. Curried cheddar melted on toasted bread, served with a generous helping of Branston's Pickle and a cute salad made of pears and cilantro.

I'm looking for an excuse to eat there again soon...

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