25 January 2010

real thick n' juicy.

As a supporter of local businesses as well as a lover of excellent food, I am a crazy fan of the Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, the educational off-shoot of the beloved kitchenware shop, The Brooklyn Kitchen. This 7000sf former warehouse houses two teaching labs; a bulk room of locally-sourced bulk products (duh); brewing and baking supplies, and a full research library of unique and out-of-print cookbooks.

In addition to all this, the Labs are home to The Meat Hook, a full service, custom butcher shop focused on "local, sustainable meat and small-scale farming." Run by Tom Mylan, Brent Young and Benjamin Turley, this neighborhood meatlocker is offering classes and events in conjunction with the Brooklyn Kitchen Labs. They've got a world of awesome lined up for the next few weeks, and I thought I'd help spread the word right here on s+l. You can sign up for any of these meat-fueled events and see their other offerings as well by visiting the Lab's calendar, found here.

*** How better to celebrate small-scale, sustainable meat farming than to learn about its antithesis, the corrupt, corporate mega-meatpackers? Penned by Upton Sinclair, the novel highlighted the necessity of humanity in the workplace (both for the humans and the animals) and is as relevant today as it was when it was published in 1906. Join BK Labs for discussion and a pot-luck on January 28th at 6:30PM.

*** You can buy a bajillion little gadgets to help you in the kitchen, but all you REALLY need is one good knife. Sharpen (!) your skills with Chef Brendan McDermott as he explains the finer points of knife use, care, and safety. This one and a half hour class is available February 1, 17th, and 28th.

*** Take part in a demonstration on how to cut up a half a pig while hitting on your neighbors. It's The Meat Hook's "Date Night" Pig Butchering class, complete with a $20 butcher shop credit AND drinks. Register now - this one will sell out faster than you can say "Baby got fatback."
Click here to download a PDF of The Brooklyn Kitchen's February calendar. Have fun, everybody!

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