05 January 2010

product placement: straws!

Every once in a while I stumble across something so wonderfully innovative and charming, I just want to sing out loud/kick myself for not inventing it first.


With all the beverage-enjoying abilities of their plastic forefathers, these bendy-necked beauties will never crack, rust up, or otherwise impede on your milkshake adventures and, should one of them wind up bent or broken (heaven forbid!), they are 100% recyclable! What's more, they're sold right here in good ol' Brooklyn, so you can shop local while you sip smart.

These stainless steel straws are available at the Brook Farm General Store (75 South 6th St) and will run you $18 for a set of six. Not a New Yorker? You can buy them on line at www.brookfarmgeneralstore.com.

Image via Brook Farm General Store.

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