21 January 2010

it's all about compromise.

Oh, Swiffer. Your speed. Your convenience. Your toxic, non-biodegradable throw-away cloths. The controversy over the green/greenwashed nature of the Swiffer (a plastic, non-recyclable mop substitute that uses disposable, chemically treated cloths instead of water) has raged on for years now, with environmentalists and designers firmly planted in their chosen camps. Some argue that the Swiffer saves thousands of gallons of water per year, but others are quick to point out how the one-time-use cloths required for the product's use sit in landfills, leeching their liquidy cleaning chemicals into the soil for ages to come.

If you, like many, are the owner of the conflicted Swiffer, here's a clever compromise offered up by Berlin Smith's delightful blog, Berlin's Whimsy: a washable, reusable, and totally eco-friendly Swiffer cover! A cinch to make, this DIY cover is a great alternative to using up many disposable cloths while still conserving water. Check out Berlin's patterns and all her other great ideas here!

Do you have any handy alternative solutions to simple eco-conflicts? If so, let the world know! Leave a comment and spread the news - the world would love to know.

Image via Berlin's Whimsy.

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