22 January 2010

bathroom habits and tempuramobiles

The first month of 2010 is nearly over! How are those New Year's resolutions? Did you resolve to be greener in this new decade (and hopefully for years on)? If you did, you certainly weren't alone - thousands vowed to try living slower, more sustainable lives in the coming year, bettering their health, their minds, and their planet's future.

Whenever thousands of people join together in a movement, however, marketing types take note. A bevy of companies have (for reasons both well-intended and, uh, not) come up with some...interesting products and services aimed at the eco-minded market. Time Magazine recently compiled a list of some of the oddest green ideas out there today, some of which I can see the sense in, others...well, you'll have to see for yourself. Among Time's noted concepts are:

  • Wallypop manufactures washable, reusable cloth toilet 'paper', made from a mixture of soft terry and flannel. Though Wallypop insists that the cloths clean perfectly and have no smell, I imagine these will be a tough sell. If you're not convinced, stick with recycled toilet paper, which is made with a minimum of 80% post consumer content and has a yuck factor of 100% less than the Wallypop wipes.

  • Apparently, scientists have devised a way to use human urine to power batteries. I'm always a fan of a theme, and it's interesting to know that, when combined with copper chloride, magnesium and copper, pee can produce as much power as a AA battery. That said, I'm nervous to see what their ad campaign might include.

  • Everyone knows that our dependency on fossil fuels is a problem, but to date no one has come up with a definitive alternative to oil. Perhaps all we need is a fish fry - a car developed in Japan and powered on tempura oil (yes, as in the delicious frying type) finished 68th out of 109 in the 2006 Dakar rally. In a world where we are in quick and desperate need of an oil alternative, trying tempura has certainly got some practical appeal.
How far would you go to get green? Share your ideas and stories in the comments!

Image via Wallypop.net

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The Green Lilly said...

I love this blog! Although I can't imagine myself trying the Wallypop stuff, I'm still glad I know about it!

I'm doing what I can to go green, and I'm always looking for new things I can do. I'm blogging about my experiences, just so I can keep myself accountable. I think the hardest thing to do is to stay green, because sometimes the people around me are not at all supportive. Thanks for blogging and letting me know that I'm not alone in my green endeavors!

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