21 December 2009

wrap your presents to your darling from you

The clock is winding down on the holiday season, and gifts are being passed about, opened, and adored near and wide. Before you bust out that pretty paper (and pretty ribbons of blue, of course), consider how much of it turns into little more than trash once the festivities of the season are over. Instead of adding to the pile, why not use one of these creatively crafty (and, yes, pretty) wrapping paper alternatives for the gifts you'll be giving this year? (And next year, and the year after that, and after that, and after that...)

  • Paper grocery bags are probably the most obvious alternative choice. And, since they're blank, they make great canvasses for kids (or you) to decorate! (If your local shop has printed their logo on the outside, simply turn them inside out to the blank side.)

  • When was the last time you pulled out a map? Yeah, that's what I thought. Use up the old ones lying around your house - they're especially great for any sort of 'themed' gift giving.

  • Empty cereal boxes and other cardboard food packages are just the right size for gifts of clothing or for sending goodies through the post.

  • A beautiful scarf is not only a unique way to wrap a gift, but is a whole other gift in and of itself!

  • Glass jars might not seem like a typical gift encasement, but the surprise is part of what makes it beautiful. Stuff the inside with cloth or shredded paper (the maps mentioned above might be a good idea) or decorate the exterior with paints or stamps. The lid can be decorated, too!
What alternative wrapping solutions can you think of?
Image via The Daily Green

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Oh these are great ideas- thanks! I like the glass jar on!

I'll be using some of the packaging paper sent with my gifts, and wrap up the paper with a pretty ribbon. Whee!

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