22 December 2009

o christmas tree

Whether it's passing the figgy pudding or peeling Great Uncle Filbert off the driveway, every family has their own special holiday traditions. I know many families that have a yearly ornament exchange, passing keepsakes around that will be hung and treasured for years to come. Maybe this sounds like your family, or maybe you're just getting started decking your very first tree - either way, Alpha Mom has a do it yourself ornament idea that comes from the heart and hands, rather than the pocketbook:You'll Need:
· Felted sweaters (surely you've some left over from all those Ugly Sweater Parties!)
· Tapestry needle (a big, thick needle with a jumbo eye - you can find them at any craft shop)
· Heavy-duty coated cotton thread
· Twine or ribbon

Cut your sweaters into squared roughly 1" in size. (It takes about 50 squares for each ornament, sometimes more, sometimes less. THE MYSTERY IS PART OF THE FUN.) Thread the needle with the heavy-duty thread (around 30") and string on yer squares.Pull the floss and squares together tightly so that they form a circle, then make a sturdy knot. Tie the ends together and loop another piece of ribbon around the top for hanging. BAM. Crafty keepsake.

This is a great craft to do with older kids who can handle knot-tieing and needles. It takes a little time, so patience might become an issue - show the kiddies how hip and with it you are play playing some music while you work. What do kids listen to these days, anyway? Remember Sisqo? He was big...

For an overwhelming assortment of other crafty ornament ideas, check out the Craftser Forums, where how-to's range from bacon to brains. My personal favorite? The Quidditch snitch. Happy Crafty Holidays, everyone!

Images via Alpha Mom

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