06 November 2009

sound body, sound mind

As H1N1 continues to spread (and the news grows consistently grimmer), I thought it might be a good idea to post a follow up on my previous post on cold and flu prevention methods.

Mayo Clinic recently posted an article promoting the consumption of healthful whole foods as one of the most effective disease preventers, and I couldn't agree more. Though foods like kale, garlic, pomegranate, and almonds may be touted for their unique vitamins and minerals, research shows that it is these foods as a whole that make them their most potent, rather than their isolated nutrients.

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! This is the single most effective method of germ prevention, as well as the cheapest and easiest to do. If you're not near a faucet but want a little antibacterial omph (say, you just got off a train that could have doubled as a TB ward), try carrying some natural hand sanitizer with you. CleanWell makes a great spray that is alcohol and triclosan, free, cruelty free, and won't leave your hands smelling like a bottle of vodka. It's also cheap - their lavender starter pack is only $9.99 on their website. You can also find them at Whole Foods.

Go to bed. Seriously. Depriving your body of adequate sleep wears your body down and weakens your immune system, leaving you more prone to viral infections. According to a 2009 article from the Archives of Internal Medicine, inadequate sleep can leave a person three times more acceptable to colds than a fully-rested individual. How's that for sweet dreams?

As always, take care with the best of wishes from stem+leaf!

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