18 November 2009

product placement - seasons for iphone

The trees bare, Thanksgiving just around the corner, and at your local grocer, "fresh" the asparagus is heaped just as high as it ever was, waiting for you to take it home. Wait, what? Asparagus? In November? Thanks to the now-standard "have it all" methods of American supermarkets, asparagus is indeed available all year round - as is pretty much anything else that grows - which has totally derailed our notions of what grows when, and how we eat when we eat from the earth.

I know. This is not news to you. You've heard this from Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingslover and the guys who made Food, Inc. You've even heard it from me. But a helpful little reminder is just that - helpful. And with that in mind, I encourage you to check out the Seasons app for iPhone. A handy little interface for the device that's always with you, Seasons gives you the info on "“fruits, vegetables, lettuces, herbs, fungi and nuts,” illustrated with details on each food and a graph detailing when and how in season it is. It's just one more great way to keep your mind, money, and body a little closer to home.

Image via Terrapass

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