11 November 2009

five boroughs. one million trees.

Every fall New York City collects and disposes of roughly 20,000 tons of leaves and returns them to our parks and gardens as soil-enriching compost - every fall, that is, until this year. In 2008, the collection and compost of residential was cut from the city’s budget, leaving the task to the citizens of New York. (All city collected leaves will heretofore wind up in out-of-state landfills)

Another chore, you say? Hardly! Rising to the occasion is NYCLeaves, a volunteer-run, neighborhood-based coalition of green-minded New Yorkers coming together to harvest and compost fallen leaves. With multiple days and locations and a slew of volunteers already on board, Project Leafdrop is a great way to get involved in your community, working side-by-side with your neighbors and giving back to the city that supports you.

To find out more about Project Leafdrop or to add your garden to the list of compost recipients, visit NYCLeaves.org. Now get out there and rake something!

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