07 October 2009

dairy count

Ever wonder what your impact is? Just what difference do you actually make buying organic? Organic Valley's website now offers you one way to see! The organic farm collective turned 21 this year and, with over two decade's worth of healthy, sustainable farming under their belts, they decided to compile the production data from every one of their farms and compare it to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) to display the difference between their farms and farms that use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

The results? 89.5 million pounds of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and 12.5 million pounds of herbicides and pesticides were spared from the environment thanks to organic methods supported by consumers like you!

See how your habits impact up by plugging in your regular purchases at Organic Valley's Add It Up calculator and remember: organic does matter! Keep making that difference.

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