29 September 2009


As we slog through our daily efforts to be cleaner, greener, and kinder to the planet, it is sometimes helpful to remind ourselves just what it is we're trying to preserve. Here are a few of my favorite mindful links:

National Geographic is the go-to place for educating oneself on the world around them and taking pause of its breathtaking wonders. This photo series on the ecosystems of the California Redwoods premiered last month and has quickly become one of my very favorites.

Kikim Media
is a documentary company that strives to tell the stories of our planet with honesty and intelligence. Winner of three Emmys and the DuPont Award for Investigative Journalism, Kikim's projects include a documentary mapping the links between nature's weather pattens and the human body and a film based on Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire.

You already know that Google maps fight crime, but did you know they also use their top-notch mapping technology to track the effects of global warming? Once you download the Google earth application you can observe existing changes in our atmosphere or see what changes have been predicted if current trends continue.

What inspires you to live a greener lifestyle?

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