22 September 2009

be a local yokel!

Myrtle Avenue is stepping up its game these days with a slick new marketing campaign entitled "Home Grown and Locally Owned". With 95% of the area's businesses being locally owned, the campaign highlights the services these operations provide to the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill neighborhoods through the use of personal thoughts, snappy photos, and informative business references. Cheesy? Maybe. But locally owned businesses are an integral part of any vibrant community, keeping your neighbors employed, your schools in operation, and your Main Streets vibrant and fruitful.

In addition to their PR campaigning, the folks on Myrtle Avenue are doing quite a job of pumping up their 'hood: the Myrtle Ave Revitalization Project just announced that they will be starting a youth-run farmers market catering to the residents of the Farragut Houses near the Navy Yard. Starting in October this market will be open on Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 7pm. The Truck Farm is a regular cruiser down Myrtle Ave, combining green-roof technology, heirloom seeds, and organic composting to bring urban residents fresh produce from a living mobile garden. (You can check the Truck Farm out from 2pm-4pm on Myrtle between Hall and Ryerson this coming Sunday, Sept. 27th) Finally, the Fort Greene CSA is celebrating the advent of fall with FREE cooking, canning, and pickling demos right here in Fort Greene Park! Using seasonal produce and basic methods, local chefs and volunteers will teach you how to make the most out of your fall harvest and keep it useful through out the coming winter months.

For more info on these events and others, visit the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership at http://www.myrtleavenue.org/.

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