14 August 2009

national community gardening week

From Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the genius who earlier this summer presented us with National Farmers Market Week, comes a new initiative aimed at reforming American eating habits: from August 23rd to the 29th, Americans everywhere are encouraged to celebrate the first ever National Community Gardening Week, which will honor the virtues of local, sustainable agriculture and the communities who work together to produce it. In a press release distributed by the White House, Vilsack proclaimed

"Community gardens provide numerous benefits including opportunities for local food production, resource conservation, and neighborhood beautification. But they also promote family and community interaction and enhance opportunities to eat healthy, nutritious foods. Each of these benefits is something we can and should strive for."
This week is a great opportunity to truly focus on why you are (or should be) involved in your community, your food, and your garden. Gardening encourages a greater respect for the environment and the natural resources you use every day. Extending this respect to the community you live in connects you with your neighbors and your produce, a connection that can thoroughly benefit your health as well as your social life!

Check out these links to make every week a gardening week in your community!

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Image via www.primeearth.org

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