12 August 2009


  • Last week you'll recall I blogged about Michael Pollan's fantastic New York Times piece on American's lack of kitchen activity and our general resolution to let others do the cooking for us. Looks like I wasn't the only one excited by the article: Amy Palanjian over at ReadyMade Magazine is blogging this week about her attempt to go 7 days without processed foods. Palanjian asks:
    "Are processed foods necessarily a bad thing? Is it possible—mostly from a time standpoint—to really make everything I eat for one week? How can I tell a good processed food (milk? yogurt?) from a bad one (would that be something like Pringles?)? How will this impact my social life? Is there such a thing as minimally processed chocolate? Because to be honest, this is the part of the week that I’m most concerned about."
    Her progress and honesty has been fascinating and inspiring - follow along at ReadyMade.com!
  • A few years ago, the US military went on a wild goose chase or some very famous weapons of mass destruction. Though their search may have been in vain, the less-famous searches of police officers across the nation have produced inconceivable amounts of firearms confiscated from offenders stopped in their day-to-day work. In Los Angeles, these arms are being recycled into road improvements and community-benefiting projects for California, Arizona and Nevada. The effort, known as Project Isaiah, has been going strong for 16 years now, and was recently revisited by NPR. You can hear their broadcast here.
  • Here's a terrific article out of Chicago on how mega-conglomerates are jumping on the local bandwagon. (Turns out that, according to The Book of Gap, "local" = your nearest mall.)
  • Finally: do you love awesome necklaces? Do you hate spending a load of money on yet another trinket, no matter how awesome it might be? Do you feel guilty about buying more things, especially when you have so much stuff just lying about your home as it is? Then check out this AWESOME necklace tutorial from Cucumbersome! Inspired by the multi-layered fabric necklaces appearing at Etsy and Urban Outfitters (and running roughly $30-60 a pop - ouch), this tutorial is super easy, makes use of the old tshirts you aren't wearing, and actually looks like what it's supposed to when it's done. Woo hoo!
Now that that's all out there, go! Read! Create! Dream!

*image via Readymade.com

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