28 August 2009

bottled water everywhere & not a drop to drink

Ugh. I am so boggled by bottled water. Despite being wasteful, unsustainable, and ripe for contamination, water sold in disposable plastic containers continues to enjoy ridiculous popularity among Americans, who are either oblivious or simply don't care about the many drawbacks of bottled H2O.

Fortunately, I am not alone in my loathing of these portable potables - the media has finally started to shed some light on the safety issues of bottled water, in addition to spreading the word about the environmental havoc wreaked by the bottles themselves. The Smithsonian, The BBC, the Polaris Institute, and GOOD Magazine (amongst many, many others) have all shed light on the bottled water issue, and some places have banned the pest all together (San Francisco, Bundanoon, Australia, and the University of Winnipeg have all enacted bans). One if my favorite sites, Care2, recently posted two excellent articles on the problems of bottled water. You can read these articles here and here.

So what can you do to fight back against bottled water? For starters, take tap! Your tap water is more rigorously tested than bottled, making it less likely to be contaminated with pollutants or additives. (Not to mention a whole lot cheaper!) You can actively campaign against desalination, a high-energy process which removes salt from sea water sources, costing taxpayers big dollars and putting our environment at unknown risks. You can dine at restaurants that have pledged to use only tap water and use it in a responsible manner. Finally, you can make the pledge to take back the tap, and join thousands of others in their quest for responsible, sustainable use of our world's greatest natural resource.

Clean water you can feel good about drinking - how refreshing!

Image via www.charitywater.org

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