23 August 2009

green space solutions

And now, for you mathematically inclined readers out there, I give to you the following equation of small space solutions:

  • Green love - toxic emissions = fantastic bike!
  • Little home + fantastic bike = unpleasant space issues.
  • Gladiator claw + your tiny home's ceiling = no more sleepy mornings of kick-the-bike!
  • Your home + your fantastic bike x (your ceiling + Gladiator claw) = a cleaner, greener, more organized you!

Check out how the heavy-duty, bike-holding Gladiator claw can help you keep your bike off your kitchen floor by visiting them online at www.gladiatorgw.com.

Interested in being a greener biker? Check out the tips offered here by the International Bike Fund.

Photo via Gladiator GW

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