30 July 2009

good grillin!

When considering charcoal, the words "eco friendly" do not exactly spring to mind. But with beautiful weather, visiting friends, and summer festivities, we're inclined to break out the grill more and more. Traditional charcoal, however, is no welcome friend at the party: the burning of those black blocks can set off great amounts of CO2 as the lime and petroleum added to the briquettes break down. As a green-minded person, what are your options?

Hardwood Briquettes lend a smoke-kissed flavor to your food, making them an excellent choice for thick cut vegetables or smoking meats. You can get them by the bag or by the pallet at www.wickedgoodcharcoal.com.

The uGO FlameDisk is a small, ethanol-based plate which you light in your grill. It heats quickly and can easily fit into smaller grills, making it perfect for fire-escape grilling! You can read reviews and get your own at www.ugogrill.com.

Biochar is a charcoal alternative made from a low- to no-oxygen burn (thermal conversion) of feedstock or biomass under intense pressure. Biochar is a carbon-negative, meaning its use is actually beneficial to the environment. And since it's organically derived, there are no harmful emissions absorbed by your food in grilling.

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