10 July 2009

cork it!

Though you know me as an environmentalist, chef, and organizational zealot, there is something about me you don't know: I...am a hoarder. A hoarder of cork, to be exact. Every dinner with friends, every special event, every night alone watching The Princess Bride for the ten-thousandth time: the memories of that evening are held in that simple little cork.

So imagine my delight (and vindication) when I learned that purchasing cork-topped wines (as opposed to the newer twist-top varieties) supports the development of cork forests! True to the laws of supply and demand, the more cork-wines the public purchases, the more cork (an incredibly sustainable and totally organic material) will be planted in order to meet the market's desire. The bark of the cork tree can be stripped down hundreds of times in the course of the tree's life, which can be well over 100 years. What's more, cork forests are home to endangered creatures such as the Iberian lynx, who require cork trees for their survival.

So go ahead - pop a bottle of your favorite vino and feel good about caring while you quaff. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe Cary Elwes is calling my name.

For more information and cork-fun, check out these links!

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