27 July 2009

one saturday and a belly full of food, part 1

What an amazing weekend of food!
I'm still full.

Saturday morning, after my regular 9am run with the North Brooklyn Runners, I skipped over to the Greenpoint Farmer's Market to grab a post-run peach. As I pulled out a sweaty dollar from my pocket for my single peach, the teenage boy running the stand just said I could have the peach. Really? Really, really? I won't say no to a free peach.

I slurped down the ripe peach as I hurried home to shower, change, and head down to Ft. Greene to meet my friends Chelsea and Taylor at the Brooklyn Flea. I'd been wanting to go there for awhile, and now that I finally have the time I was able to make it! And boy is it a food mecca. (And a little *too* easy to get to from my apartment.)

Grateful for once that I didn't get a proper breakfast in, I helped myself to a "Mel&Steve" Veggie Dog from Asia Dog. Yummy grilled tofu dog on a grilled bun with Asian slaw and pickled jalepeno mustard. Washing it down with alternative sips off my Sigg bottle and my friend's Lemon-Ginger and Lemon-Basil-Thyme shaved ices from People's Pops, I was in a food and vintage goods induced haze. As the afternoon progressed, I messily ate (because there is no other way) a huarache from Red Hook Food Vendor's tent, a sort of open faced burrito chock full of veggies, salsas, and was mind blown by the beans IN the giant handmade corn tortilla. I cooled down on the crazily hot and sunny day with a farmer's market fresh Blueberry-Cardamom popsicle from People's Pops (but not after stealing a bite of Chelsea's Sweet Plum and Tarragon one), and picked up a King Bar and Beer-Pretzel Caramel for later from my friends at Liddabit Sweets.

Also hanging out at the Flea were my favorite local pickles, McClure's, featuring their new mustard, tasty sweet treats from Whimsy & Spice including a refreshing Passionfruit Mint Limeade, Red Hook Lobster Pound, and more than I can try in a day. But maybe not more than I can try in a month. There was grilled Mexican corn, fresh fruit, aguas frescas, pizzas, fresh riccota and canolis, organic ice cream, pupusas, and family farmed coffee. I recommend hitting up the Flea with a friend. You'll get to taste more.

I stumbled out of the Flea very full, hot, and sweaty, but amped for more, because wait... it gets better. That night I went to the Hudson Valley for a 5-course vegetarian feast on an organic farm.
More to come!

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