23 June 2009

stem + leaf: bolder, brighter, better than ever!

It’s been a silent spring here on stem+leaf, but (thankfully!) that has hardly been the case our in the real world! I’ve been a busy little bee these past few months, whirling my way through kitchens new and old with a madwoman’s speed and loving the glory that is summer in NYC. I’ve begun cultivating a green thumb, growing my own goods right here in my wee Brooklyn apartment! I have also gotten deeply involved in the Greenpoint-Williamsburg, Brooklyn community (which I’ve now called home for over five years!), attending and participating in community-based events, such as the It's My Park Day, Williamsburg Walks, the North Brooklyn Compost Project, The Greenmarket, and more. I even founded my very own organization, the North Brooklyn Runners, which I am proud to say now boasts over 120 members!

In spite of the flurry of activity going on in my life, I decided to give stem+leaf a facelift. You’ll now find the website revitalized and infused with new eco tips, book reviews, news links, and updates on the amazing White House Garden! stem+leaf will also continue to provide you with valuable advice to help you organize and inform and, not least of all, new and healthful recipes galore. So dig in and stay tuned! stem+leaf is back!

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