13 October 2008

green shopping - a few new links

Being that these days I am not in love with sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time, I go on Internet binges and read all of my various e-newsletters and subscriptions as once, as well as catch up on my assorted favorite websites and blogs. This often means I find a bunch of links at one time that are fun and I want to share them with you! Here are a few good ones for finding cool gifts or fun things for yourself.

MapTotes: Cute, affordable sturdy canvas totes with simple, silk-screened maps of major cities around the world in 'natural' and black.

RePlayGround: New York City based sustainable graphic, packaging, and industrial design company that sells DIY 'ReMake' kits to make envelopes out of magazines, trivets of wine corks, and lamps of bottles. Additionally they host parties and workshops so you can do it with your friends or kids! They also take your old junk like bottle caps, credit cards, sheet music, or anything else you might throw out in large quantities.

Water Purifying Wand: For those bottled water junkies who do it for the clean, pure water, save your money and some plastic and pick up one of these small, portable personal water purifiers. Swirl it around in your glass and the wand adds negative ions to your water, ridding it of chlorine and chloramines. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

Sustainable NYC: Cool store in the East Village (Ave. A at 9th) I stumbled upon last weekend. They've been open for a few months, and sell a little bit of everything that you would normally get from the drug store, or say a K-Mart, but only in eco-friendly, fair-trade, sustainable versions, including lots of locally made products. So, non-toxic nail polish and cleaning products, biodegradable 'plastic' bags, vegan shoes by Simple, recycled greeting cards, and more. Word on the street is they are soon moving halfway down the block to a bigger location. Hooray! They also host workshops and have lots of info on composting via the NYC Compost Project. I bought some SoapNuts. But more on those soon.

Static Eliminator: Came across these chemical-free dryer sheets somewhere online. Apparently they're "As Seen on TV" which is very exciting. I'm curious to try them, as I don't appreciate static cling, and that's the only reason I ever really use dryer sheets. Though usually I use Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender ones, because they smell really pretty. These last up to 500 loads and are said to be great with those with sensitive allergies. They also sell dusting mitts and pet gloves, which is neat.

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Jaime said...

i saw those map totes at the brooklyn book fest! i am completely smitten. i'm trying to justify the expenditure as a "need" item, since it's got a map on it & all, but i just don't think i can do it. rats. another year of the duffel bag it is!

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