06 October 2008

green 1 thing: give your shoes new life

If you have an old pair of running shoes or other sneakers lying around, dying, or just some sneakers you bought with good intentions but never wear, don't let them be destined for the landfill. In addition to many sports and running stores often taking your sneaker cast-offs to be donated to those in need around the world, there are several organizations that will make use of your old shoes-- some with drop-off locations near you!

Here's two:
One World Running, based in Colorado, takes new or near-new shoes and sends them to Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, and other countries around the world to promote an awareness of health and fitness and nutrition.

Nike Grind
, Nike's Shoe Recycling Program, takes old sneakers (of any brand) and recycles them into athletic play surfaces, like basketball courts, tennis courts, and running tracks.

Those worn out trainers have life in them yet!

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