09 October 2008

go scrub yourself!

I like exfoliating as much as the next person, and I find myself running low on a free tube of body scrub I scored at an event earlier this year. But continuing with my new tradition of DIY products, I have come across a few remarkably simple, cheap, and easy solutions.

Why pay the big bucks for fancy salt or sugar scrubs, when the main ingredients are just salt or sugar, oil and/or vegetable glycerin, and fragrance? You deserve baby-soft skin on the cheap!
Even if you go organic with the ingredients, and I recommend you do, it's still more affordable than some of the ingredient-heavy products you find out there. Not to mention you can use that sugar, salt, and oils in the kitchen too!

Here are a few 'recipes' I found on Care2.com.

Sea Salt Glow Formula
2 cups fine sea salt
4 cups grapeseed, apricot or almond oil (olive, avocado, or jojoba oil would be fine alternatives)
20-30 drops essential oil of choice

1. Place salt in a widemouthed jar and cover with grapeseed, apricot, or almond oil. Scent with essential oil.

2. To use, dampen your entire body. Using either your hands or a loofah mit, vigorously but gently massage the salt and oil mixture into the skin. Begin at the feet and work upward in a circular motion. Be careful to avoid any scratched or wounded areas. When you have massaged the entire body, rinse with warm water. Finish with a dry-towel rub.

This recipe makes quite a bit, so jar up small amounts for gifts and your own future use, or make a smaller batch using the same basic ratios.

Super Simple Sugar Scrub
1/2 cup sugar
Enough cold-pressed oil (olive, wheat germ, peanut, corn, or sunflower) to dampen the mixture

Gently massage this exfoliating scrub all over your body and face before you shower with a light soaping and rinse. Repeat once or twice a month.

Click here for a few more sugar scrub recipes from Care2.

Do you make your own body care products? I would love to try out some more!
Post your recipes in the comments!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Ooh! Perfect! I went to the store to buy some exfoliating goop yesterday. But the exfoliating ingredients were far too long and freaky for such a simple thing! And here you have provided a simple DIY recipe! Fantastico! Muchas gracias!

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