07 October 2008

a few articles

I just read a slew of short articles and blogs I found pretty interesting, entertaining, and/or enlightening. I hope you do too! In no particular order...

Local fall produce at a glance!

How to keep that produce fresh, brought to you by RealSimple. (I've been using these to put my produce in at the market and store them in them in the fridge. Rinse them out and use again. Love it!)

Skip that toxic dry-cleaners and read about how to 'wet clean' your delicate silk, rayon, and wool items.

An enviro-blogger's response to the Corn Refiners Association recent pro-High Fructose Corn Syrup ads (yes, seriously.) And his re-response.

The Top 10 items you should keep out of your house to reduce your risk to these super-toxins.

The love of dusting and cleaning with highly reusable microfiber cloths.

Someone other than me ranting about the ridiculousness of plastic water bottles.

If you're fooled into thinking Clorox's newish Green Works line is all that, think again. Get the dirt on top mainstream cleaning product companies. (PDF)

Healthy Dinner Tonight: Epicurious' daily healthy dinner recipes! With full nutritional analysis!
(Orzo with Feta, Tomatoes, and Dill featured in the photo. Yum!)

Confused about BPA? Read about how it interacts with the body.

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