23 September 2008

vote. register to vote.

If you are a US citizen and 18 or older, you really need to be registered to vote.
I can't say I'm overly patriotic, but I do generally like living here, and the U.S. needs our support and voices. Does it strike you as odd that in some countries (many in Europe), that the government fears their people? That a simple and strong uprising of voice and opinion can invoke... change? Imagine that!

We live in a democracy. We have that power. The main problem is that not enough of us are taking advantage of the system we live in. And sure it has its own issues, but ignoring it is not going to make anything better is it? Could even make it worse. I'm urging you not to stand idly by!

Make your voice heard. Stand up for something. Vote for action, for change, for a better future, and a happier now. What issues move you? Health care? Global warming? Sustainability? War in Iraq?

Voter registration deadlines are coming up as soon as October 4th in some states, so now's the time to take action. Check the deadlines in your state.

A few resources:
Vote411 - Everything you ever wanted to know about voting
Rock the Vote - Because voting is cool
VoteGopher - Excellent issue-centric election resource so you can get educated on candidate views
Caucus - New York Times Politics Blog

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