24 September 2008

things i made this summer.

I'm just beginning to get caught up with my summer and it's already over! I had a lot of food projects in mind for the summer, but as it always goes by faster than you anticipate, many didn't (yet) get accomplished. However, here are a few photos of a handful of things I made this summer. If I get enough interest via comments, maybe I'll even post a recipe for the crowd favorite.

sweet organic vegan cornbread with homemade fig&thyme jam and consider bardwell's vermont chevre.

fire-roasted tomatoes.

vegan lavender cornmeal local nectarine upside down cake.
(inspired by the cover recipe of july's martha stewart living.)

my version of angelica kitchen's 'dragon bowl': steamed sweet potatoes, kale, and broccoli atop short grain brown rice with a little salad of sprouts, mint, and cilantro on top. dressed with a mixed herb-lemon-sesame-shoyu dressing.

corn tortilla 'pizzas' with homemade roasted tomatillo and poblano salsa, black beans, roasted corn, cilantro, and raw milk white cheddar. and a side market greens salad.

doughnut plant canapes with vanilla bean ronnybrook creme fraiche and local berries.

rafetto's fresh basil-parsley and lemon parpadelle with sauteed local organic fava beans and maitake, crisped natural proscuitto, in an orange olive oil, orange juice, and orange zest 'sauce'.

all farmer's market salad of local purslane chopped salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, kirby cucumbers, sugar snap peas, fresh corn, red onion, lemon juice and segments, pomegranate molasses and love.


Anonymous said...

i vote for the corn tortilla pizzas!

Shannon said...

i vote for a restaurant by aja! me want to eat it all!

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