21 September 2008

a technological vacation

I just wanted to quickly write to apologize for my lack of blog presence. I attempted to keep you satiated by 'Green 1 Things' and 'Product Placements', but they ran out before I got back around to the computer. Chalk it up to the compulsory August business vacations that are rampant in New York, or to moving and working a heck of a lot so that my time on the computer was essentially nil.

So enough of the excuses, but I'll just say... I didn't miss being on the computer all the time. This is only the third time I've been on the computer in a week, and you know, I kind of like it. I'm going to consider this an experiment in energy and productivity efficiency, as well as allowing myself more opportunity to interact with other humans face-to-face, and spend quiet time alone that doesn't involve the LED glow of a monitor or cell phone screen. Try it for a day, a few hours... you might like it.

That being said, I still intend to keep this blog happy and alive. So don't you worry!
(But if you're interested in writing a guest blog for Stem+Leaf, I probably won't say no.)

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