26 September 2008

product placement: midel honey grahams

I've used these Midel Honey Grahams a couple of times to make low-sugar graham cracker crusts for clients, which is when I first discovered their tastiness. Okay, let me not give you the wrong idea... I love these, but I tend to like sweets that are not very sweet. These are sweetened only with honey and unsulfered molasses, which gives them a faint sweetness that goes great with tea, fruit, nut butter, or just on their own as a snack or dessert-- which is how I usually eat them! They are also made with 100% whole wheat, which gives them a heartiness that I find, unless I am especially hungry, prevents me from eating too many. So really, with it's high fiber, decent protein, and low-sugar counts, it's almost like a healthy cereal in cracker-cookie-biscuit form. Maybe I'm not selling it hard, but I'd be right to say they're probably not for everyone. But they are very much for me. Yay.

*Midel also makes really yummy gluten-free cookies. I love their Gluten Free Ginger Snaps.

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