08 September 2008

green1 thing: pay bills online

Still getting those annoying and bulky monthly statements in the mail from all of the assorted entities that say you owe them money? It's highly probable that you can reduce that to zilch in just a few minutes by signing up for online statements-- most banks, credit card and utilities companies are urging you to do so. They'll email you your monthly statements, you can pay online, or still mail in a check if you need to, and you can save all that paper. Do your filing on your computer and you don't even need to print out records 'for your files'. Easy peasy.

1 comment:

SABS said...

Also worth noting... you can recycle your junk mail. (After you check the mail for anything that may be of personal information) You can chuck it into your recycle bin and let it become apart of the next paper bag at your local grocery store.

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