01 September 2008

green 1 thing: fetch the e-paper

Read the paper online!
Personally, I love taking a leisurely 15-30 minutes to read the paper online with my breakfast when I can, and am glad my attempt to buy and read the Sunday New York Times every week was a passing phase. Yes, I used to complain about the difficulty of reading long articles online, and even now I still only skim or read about half, but, with many papers featuring boosted online interactive content, it's more fun to get your news on your desktop, and easier to find the news you're interested in reading. Sign up for your favorite paper's email alerts or daily headlines and skim the paper in your email.

In addition to saving trees, gas from shipping trees, manufacturing the paper, printing the paper and delivering it to your doorstop or corner store, you'll also save money, dirty fingertips, and can 'clip and save' your favorite articles by bookmarking them or adding them to your delicious account.

More reasons to read the paper online.
If you have a lot of old newspapers sitting around the house, you should of course recycle them, or first reuse them in one of these ways!

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SABS said...

This has nothing to do with the green 1 thing post.

Can you tell me how to roast garlic? I know that the texture becomes smooth and creamy and the taste can change a little. But I don't know how to do it! Do I need to drizzle oil on it? How long do I roast it for? How do I store it? How long can I store it?


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