01 August 2008

think less, do more: the nike nyc half-marathon

I've been putting off writing this blog because I was thinking I'd have to write some big saga of this crazy thing I did, this running 13.1 miles in the middle of the humid summer in NYC, as well as aspiring to and successfully raising over $1000 for charity, and waking up before 5am to do it.

But after uploading these few photos, I thought differently.

I've been wanting to run a half-marathon for a couple of years now. One of those bullet points on the 'things to do in life' list. If you let them sit there and allow yourself to keep saying 'One day...', you're not getting any closer to just doing it. So, with the support and motivation of my running buddy and with family and friends cheering me on from around the world, I 'just did it'.

It rained shortly before the start of the race which got the day thankfully off to a cool start. Running a full loop within Central Park and heading south through Times Square and west and then south on the West Side Highway was crazy and at times disconcerting, but what a unique experience! And the times I saw people stop to walk or the unfortunate few who passed out for who knows which reasons, I had to psych myself up and listen for the cheers of the crowds on the sidelines.

I finished the race within my time goal, with a finish of 1 hour, 44 minutes, 26 seconds and placed 1,632nd out of over 10,500 runners. And I will tell you I am damn proud of that!

But mostly I'm proud and very glad that I was able to meet, and exceed!, my fundraising goal for The Fresh Air Fund-- an organization I feel really good about, and I'm always happy to think less, and do more, this time by knocking this life goal off the list-- if only to make space for the next adventure!

Check out my race "action" photos here!

Get out there and have an adventure of your own!


Anonymous said...

congrats! that is some serious running!

Kaitlyn Greenough said...

go aja! go aja! go aja!!!

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