03 August 2008

restaurant review: bubby's pie co.

New York is a food town, that's for sure, and I could spend a lifetime eating at different restaurants several meals a week, but like everyone, when I go out to eat, it's generally to the same few places. Or, the places I would go to again are either out of the way or out of price range.

Bubby's has been on the list a long while. Best known for their pies, but also reknown for the pancakes they serve during weekend brunch, it seemed like the perfect post-half marathon brunch spot, where I could get my carby breakfast on, and take my pie to go.

I guess the main reason I haven't gone here yet is proximity-- even with two locations, they are in neighborhoods (Tribeca and DUMBO) little frequented by me and my regular dining cohorts-- because my love for pie and pancakes certainly isn't in question here. But the half-marathon ended in lower Manhattan, making Bubby's the perfect option.

Everyone else thought so too, because arriving a little over an hour after opening, the place was already abuzz with runners and their supporters, but luckily my running buddy and I got a spot right away. And not knowing much more than this is the spot for pie, I glowed more and more excitedly while reading the menu...

THREE kinds of pancakes! Grass-fed beef from ONE partner-farm. Their own house-made to-order soda using organic cane juice. A special of LOCAL bluberry johnnycakes. ORGANIC, SHADE-GROWN, FAIR-TRADE coffee*! There was real maple syrup on the tables. Wow! I was very nearly overwhelmed. Mostly though I was tired and ready to celebrate the run with something carby and delicious.
*If you are a connoisseur of environmentally and socially sustainable coffee, you know that to find coffee that is organic, fair-trade, AND sustainable is pretty rare.

We ordered the Sourdough Pancakes (!), Local Blueberry Johnnycakes (like pancakes, but made with cornmeal), a side of scrambled eggs. What tastiness!

The sourdough pancakes surprised my tastebuds-- imagine pancake batter mixed with a little sourdough bread dough, and cooked on a griddle. A little weird, pretty doughy, but what an inventive and successful idea. I'm excited to go back to try the Sour Cream Pancakes and the Sauteed Banana Walnut Pancakes. They also had a quite a nice looking egg and sandwich menu.

To go was the local and in-season special Peach and Blueberry Pie and the Mile High Apple Pie, one of their regular items. I ate my pie with tea and a movie later that night and was really pleased not to bite into anything cloyingly sweet. Not only does this let the fresh fruit shine, it also is a testament to the bakers knowing they are using fresh, delicious, high-quality ingredients. Anything can be overly sweetened to disguise mediocrity, but this was a tasty tasty slice of summer that was worth running 13.1 miles for.

Other perks? A black and white photo booth and Mrs. Pac-Man arcade console in the basement, outdoor seating, and a fairly recent pie cookbook with all their secrets!

Let it be known that I grabbed these photos from TimeOut and Amazon.com, respectively.

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Anonymous said...

oooh i will have to try their pie! pie makes me very very happy.

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