12 August 2008

product placement: smooze! fruit ice

Unless I am very hungry or feeling spendy, I can usually control those impulse buys on unfamiliar products at the grocery store. But as soon as I spotted Smooze! Fruit Ice in a floor display at Whole Foods a few weeks back, I picked it up and only delayed in throwing it in my basket because I was deciding on a flavor. These vegan, coconut milk based ices are all-natural, preservative free, and sold in the aisle, but are meant to be eaten frozen. They're imported from Singapore, and I think they're just now becoming available in the US.

Coconut + Pink Guava is what I picked and what a taste sensation! Sweet and flavorful and creamy and just plain good on these hot summer days. I have since also tried the Coconut + Passion Fruit flavor, which with its tart sweetness reminded me of a yummy summer cocktail.

See if you can find them near you, 'cause I for one am totally smitten and more than ready to try the other two flavors, Mango and Pineapple. YUM. (I'm also hoping their coconut drinks will be available here soon!)

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Anonymous said...

I also saw these at our local Whole foods and resisted buying them due to the $4.99 price tag. "Popsicles, I can make my own. Why would I want to spend that kind of money?"

Well.... my neighbor bought some for her daughter. When my son was over at her house, we all tried them. Wow! That coconut milk brought back memories of my trips to India, drinking straight out of those fresh green coconuts at the side of the road. What a healthy alternative to most "popsicles"! We can vouch that kids really love them. After catching a $1.00 off sale at Whole Foods, our two families combined have gone through almost 6 boxes over the last 2 months!

The packaging is also intriguing to kids, they like the way you can push up the frozen part and get the melted stuff around the sides. But it does get a little messy sometimes!


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