26 August 2008

product placement: chico bags

In another impulsive Whole Foods buy, I purchased a Chico Bag in a really fun orange color ("Mango"), because I thought, "being so tiny and weightless, at $6, it's kind of hard to resist!"

While I'm known among my friends for my fairly wide assortment of canvas tote bags, which I use almost daily for more than just lugging groceries around, I was happy to add a reusable bag to the mix that weighed even less, folded into its own cute pouch, and could fit really easily in my purse everyday or even a pocket-- and the strap is even long enough to wear on my shoulder, but not too long that if I hold it in my hand, the bottom of the bag is dragging on the ground!

In fact, one of the reasons I was excited about getting this bag was this idea I had of waking up early, going for a run, stuffing the folded up bag in one of the pockets of my running shorts, and ending the run at the Union Square Greenmarket. And within a couple days of purchasing it, I did just that, excited to be able to have some of my grocery shopping and exercising for the day already out of the way by 9am.

I've had the bag for about a month now and we've become nearly inseparable-- I can't believe I didn't own one sooner! While I have noticed a little bit of wear along the bottom seam already, I don't doubt it's because I've abused it's suggested 25-pound weight limit. But if it can pass the trials I put it through multiple times a week with my own groceries and clients' groceries being lugged around, I know it's a good find!

You can even recycle any reusable bag through Chico Bag's Zero Waste Program, functional or not, and it will either be given to low-income families to help them drop the plastic bag habit or repurposed by The Grateful Thread.

Check out the "Plastic Bag Self Test" on Chico Bag's website.

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