04 July 2008

think less, do more: Get some Fresh Air this weekend!

While you're spending your holiday weekend in the country, at the beach, or in the backyard, think about all of the children who have never experienced life outside of the city.

I'm running the Nike NYC Half Marathon at the end of the month for the FreshAir Fund-- an awesome organization that for over 100 years has been sending thousands of low-income kids from NYC on summer vacations in the country to experience what it's like to swim in a lake, see starry skies, catch fireflies, and lay in the grass.

I'm really excited to be running on behalf of these kids, and you can support my efforts with a small contribution! I'm hoping to raise $1,310. And I'm getting there, but still have quite a ways to go! Whether you can give a lot, or just a very little, every little bit helps.

I would be honored if Stem+Leaf readers became a part of this magic.

My personal donations page: http://freshair.kintera.org/ajamarsh

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