17 July 2008

a few good websites

Here's a roundup of a few websites I recently discovered and love!

"Good Green Fun." This site is kind of similar to TreeHugger, with categorized and quick-to-read blog posts and articles about all things green.

the story of stuff
This super informative and fun 20-minute video is great to watch with the whole family-- it discusses our consumption and waste patterns, and what happens to all the 'stuff' we have around us and get rid of.

tree hugging family
A Blog Focused on Sustainable and Green Family Living
I just found this blog today and have already spent an hour browsing the fun tips and articles!

poolwaddle food clock
Check out this clock to get a grip on what food production looks like in tons per second.

If you're in the market for reusable tote bags for shopping, etc. these are cute bags made of recycled plastic bottles or heavy weight cotton, are machine washable, and come in enough prints to satisfy anyone! They're made in Arizona of all domestic materials.

julep115 - earth and animal friendly designs
Super cute jewelery with a message handmade of recycled metal and other materials in Dallas! Designer Christy Robinson also has another line of whimsy and organic accessories.

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Peggy said...

Thanks so much for including Tree Hugging Family in your post!

: )

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